I.S.303 Academy for Career Exploration

 High Expectations. No Excuses! 



Adrian Fana


Geovanny Romero
Vice President

Josiah Musa

6th Grade



Ray Capitulo

6th Grade Representative

Bayanne Ahmed

6th Grade


Anastasia Ababiy
7th Grade Representative

Luiza Hamrokulova

7th Grade


Nelly Levin
8th Grade

Merline Barreau
8th Grade Representative

Our IS 303 Student Government comes together periodically to discuss how each and everyone of us can help make IS 303 

a beautiful, clean, and safe place to be. 

Our students take on challenges and are empowered 

to serve as the voice that leads change and forward movement. 

Student Government Elections 2019

President - Adrian Fana

Vice President - Geovanny Romero 8-330

Secretary - Josiah Musa 6-124

6Th Grade Representative

Bayanne Ahmed 6-104

Ray Capitulo 6-124

7th Grade Representative

Luizza Hamrokulova 7-217

Anastasia Ababiy 7-23

    8th Grade Representative 

    Merline Barreau 8-312

      Nelly Levin 8-317

Assembly Member Mathylde Frontus  District 46 Visit