I.S.303 Academy for Career Exploration

 High Expectations. No Excuses! 

Lower East Side Ecology Center STEM Science Trip

I.S. 303 Partners with the 60th Precinct and Sharing the Spirit of Giving!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Halloween Dance 2019

        This past October 23rd, we had our annual I.S 303 Halloween Dance. Students and teachers displayed some of the most unique costumes to be seen.

Halloween winners

       Our contest winners will be announced soon and students are anxiously awaiting to hear who the first prize will be bestowed upon. From 6 -124 Briana Henry 7-    8 -313 Harley Talavera

Broadway Trip to Cats with Adult Saturday Academy

I.S. 303 Hosts 4th Annual Career Day

WWII Veterans


                                                                   IS 303 Poetry Slam


Winter Wonderland

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September Assembly on Anti-Bullying

I.S 303 Hosts 7th Annual Anti-Bullying Assembly

       Here at I.S 303 we are above the influence. Most recently we collaborated with a former student Sergio Delavicci.  Our students took the pledge.